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Related article: Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 09:14:44 -0600 (CST) From: qs Subject: Fate Stepped In: True StoryI have read many stories on the net and I have finally gotten up the courage to write this one about certain parts of my life. I am a closet bi-sexual man , 36 and married to a lovely, sexy woman who has no idea that I am seeing men on the side now. Although we don't have sex as often as we did when we married it is still good for both of us. She is a willing partner in oral, anal and straight sex. I often feel a lttle guilty when I see her down there sucking away on my penis as sometimes it is shortly after another male mouth was doing the same thing.. I was raised straight and had no indications that I had any inclnations toward bisexuallity until two years ago when a new guy went to work in our company. We were thrown together to finish a survey and project that was needed for our company to bid on some important industrial property. I had been attempting to finish it alone but my boss told me to let the new guy help as he had a lot of expertise in that area. I welcomed the assistance and we became friends right away,spending time discussing the project over lunch and visiting the area to make drawings and charts. Sometimes we would finish very late and we would eat supper at a resturant near by before going home. I would call my wife and tell her to forget supper as I would be late. Sometimes she would be asleep and did not even hear me enter the bedroom At that time we lived in an area where winter storms were quite common and would often close the roads down for hours at a time. It was on one of these nights that my life began to change. There was small motel near my work that I would stay when the weather did not permit me to drive home. My wife knew I would be staying and I was getting my things together to leave for the motel when my new assistant came over to my desk. He was a bachelor and had no relatives in that area. "I can't get to my apartment because of the snow, got any ideas"? I mentioned the motel where I was staying and gave him the number. I knew the desk clerk there real well as I had stayed there many times. My friend talked to the clerk several minutes and then 1000 pic loli bbs gave me a wave from the phone he was lolita nude toplist net using. "He wants to talk to you ", He said and handed me the phone. The clerk told me he had only one room left and it had twin beds. He asked if we could share it and then he would give my single room to some of the other people waiting out the storm. I checked with my assistant and he agreed and started to get stuff together as we had decided to do a little work there before retiring. We arrived at the motel and dumped all our stuff on the nightstand and sat down for a few minutes. My friend's name was Delbert but I called him Dell as he hated to be called by his full name. Dell went in to take a shower and I lay back on the bed to relax after kicking off my shoes. I dozed a little and was awakened when Dell came out of the shower and shook me. 1000 pic loli bbs "Your next", He said and walked toward his bed with a towel wrapped around him. I lay there for a minute clearing my eyes and then I saw something I could'nt believe. Dell had turned toward me and accidently let his towel slip away. Hanging like a huge limp sausage was the largest penis I had ever seen on a man. It looked at least 7 inches long soft and was as thick as a beer can. I could not take my eyes off it and he caught me looking. He grabbed the towel and pulled it around him. He looked at my awe-struck face and said, "That's everyone's reaction, and I have gotten accustomed to it after all these years". I felt a little embarrassment at having been caught looking but he didn't seem to mind. Fate Stepped In ---Part 2I grabbed my shaving kit and toothbrush and went into the shower. For some reason the picture of his huge penis was still in my mind and I felt a little strange because after all, I was not gay! When I finished I went back into the room and he was putting his slacks on without his shorts. "I am goiing across to the shopping center to buy me some shorts as I don't have another pair with me", He said. magic lolitas top list I reached into my emergency bag and flipped him a brand new pair I had kept for just such occassions. I always wear very skimpy Calviein Kline shorts that are nylon as they feel good and don't bind. They are actually a little feminine looking and he was looking at them closely. They were a pretty pastel color and almost pink. My wife had got them for me on sale at a dept. store and they didn't have a wide choice of colors. He hesitated a minute and slipped them on . They would barely hold his monster penis and he grinned sheepishly, saying, "I don't think they made these shorts for guys like me", standing there with the tip of his shaft protruding from the top of the waistband. "I'm sorry but I only have two pair and they are both the same type". lolita preteen dark pics He said," No problem", 1000 pic loli bbs and boldly tucked his big penis out of sight. When he lay back on his bed the fabric was stretched so tight that you could make out the outline of the large circumsized head as it tried to poke through the silky material. I have a pretty thick seven inch penis but it was nothing compared to this weapon and I felt that strange chill as I continued to look at that mass of meat. He had closed his eyes so I got a good look at it, I unfastened the wrappings aroud my new shorts and got the supprise of my life. They were Hot Pink!! My wife had evedently bought them without any concern for color and had just checked the size. I was glad my friend was dozing as I quickly slipped them on. They looked just like women's panties exept for the slightly thicker waistband. When I lay down I slipped under the sheet to conceal them and soon dozed off. It was about 6:30 and we both were a little tired. I actully had a dream about my wife making me wear her panties and I awoke with a start. Dell had gotten out of bed and slipped his pants on and was reading a bulletin from the company. "Want to go over and get some food and have a drink?, It's on me ", He said. I nodded and slid out of the bed. I had forgotten about my pink panties and as I bent over to pull my pants on Dell whistled. "Wow," He said, "Look at those babies! I then realized what he was talking about and blushed. You can blame these on my wife as she bought them. He explained that he was not criticiseing me but that he like me in them. I felt a little funny when he told me that I had a nice ass for a man but for some reason I liked him saying it. . We went to a bar that served light supper and I had a bowl of soup and a sandwich. We moved to the bar later to watch a boxing match on the TV overhead. We drank for quite awhile and Dell put away quite a few lolita preteen dark pics more than I did. I am not much of a drinker and it doesn't take much to get me bashed. Soon I was getting a little wozy and feeling no pain. Dell looked at me and said "Time to go home", and helped me toward the door after paying the bill. It had been snowig heavily and the ground was white and slick. I had to really hang on Dell and I don't even remember entering the room. I vaguely remember the lights spinning overhead as he removed my shoes and trousers. I dozed for sometime and when I woke up I didn't realize where I was at first as I was just at that point you get where everybody is your friend and you love the world. As iI tried to get my head straight I felt this beautiful feeling in my loins as someone slowly worked their lips around my penis.To be continued...
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